Swarm Universe

The universe is expanding.

From highscore-driven single-player game-modes to team-based online-multiplayer competition - Swarm Universe has it all. You get arenas, racetracks, various mini-games and online-multiplayer modes like free for all, team-play (up to 8 players) or capture the flag. And, if that's not enough, there's a strong and ever-growing focus on user generated content.

Swarm Universe - Launch Trailer on Youtube

Welcome, stranger!

Find yourself in a distant universe, welcomed by your virtual host: Bot-7. Introducing you to the possibilities of the Swarm Universe and giving you a lesson in survival, he guides you through all the wonderful content he has created for you. Although he's acting a bit weird, be sure he has your best interest at heart as you end up fighting vile multi-legged creatures from outer space.

Move like a swarm.

The swarm is a mysteriously glowing energy core, surrounded by powerful drones. They are your protection and your weapon as you fight your way through an unknown world. Defeat the hostile inhabitants of the Swarm Universe, climb the leaderboards and challenge your multiplayer opponents.

Swarm Movement Swarm Control

Master your moves.

Swarm Universe is 100% gameplay-focused. All aspects contribute to the unique flowing experience of moving and thinking like a swarm. Based on the concept introduced in Swarm Arena - Dedication Games' debut-game - we further improved gameplay mechanics in every possible way. Intuitive handling gets you in the game fast. Move the swarm with the analog stick, tap two buttons for dash and strike. That's it. Start off easily with some basic moves and explore countless combinations and tactics as you gain mastery. It just feels great to control the power of the swarm.

Enter the lab!

Create your own part of the universe and share it. Four years in the making, Swarm Universe features a sophisticated level-editor, giving you powerful tools to easily build level geometry, custom enemies and more. Explore the vast possibilities of the fully integrated toolkit. Quickly create fun little levels, or start developing full blown new game-modes utilizing logic circuits and scripting language. Then share your creation through the Steam Workshop, becoming a fully featured part of the Swarm Universe.

Swarm Universe Level Editor Swarm Universe features a powerful Level Editor.

Swarm Universe

Key Features:
  • Unique, physics driven swarm gameplay
  • Highly competitive
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Online-multiplayer: free for all & team-play (up to 8 players)
  • Highscore-driven single-player levels & endless arenas
  • Full gamepad and keyboard support (customizable)
  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Fully integrated level-editor
  • Easy level creation: level geometry, custom enemies & logic circuits
  • Expert level creation: whole new gamemodes & cutscenes through scripting
  • User generated content: Steam Workshop integration
  • Detail-obsessed and indie to the max

Swarm Universe